Lets talk about Mi Band 4

Lets talk about Mi Band 4

If you’re in the market for a fitness tracker, you’re more than likely hoping to modify your health behavior — whether it’s remembering to walk more, tracking how often you work out, or making sure you’re working out appropriately hard when you do. The wearables market is saturated with options, but you won’t find one that’s much more affordable than Xiaomi’s latest Mi Band 4. It’s packed with features for half the price of counterparts from Fitbit and Garmin.

There’s a lot to like about the Mi Band 4. With it, you get a fitness tracker that has waterproofing, a heart rate monitor, workout tracking, text and call notifications, sleep tracking, and an impressive battery life of up to three full weeks, depending on usage. Compared to the monochrome Mi Band 3, version 4 has a 0.95-inch full-color OLED touchscreen with a 400-nit peak brightness. The screen is colorful and vivid, responding quickly to up and down swipes to browse through menu options for music control, alarms, workout tracking modes, or settings.

Now let’s talk about features and other details.

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The Xiaomi Mi band 4 will feature a new screen with 77 colour faces.

So the changes we have seen on the all new Mi band 4 are the looks , xiaomi designed in such a way that their customers would be enjoying. Unlike the previous model mi band 3, which offered 0.78 inch OLED display with 80*128 pixel resolution, the new Mi band 4 brings 0.95 inch color AMOLED Display with 120*240 resolution.

So the mi band 4 is now larger than its predecessor, with 39.9% larger display according to Xiaomi, which helps in better view of data. The Mi band 4 is now 5ATM water resistant which means now you can jump into water wearing it at up to 50 meters depth and can track your swimming activity .

Xiaomi MI Band 4: Activity tracking features

There will be a standard and NFC version of the Xiaomi Mi Band 4

The Mi band 4 offers two variants - Standard version and the NFC version.

Mi band 4 body has a 3 axis accelerometer plus, 3 axis gyroscope motion sensor alongside a proximity sensor and a PPG optical heart rate monitor . The sensors unlock the 24/7 activity tracking skills which we have seen Mi band before. Step counting , tracking distance and estimated calories burned. It also has six workout modes, letting you track treadmill, running outdoor, cycling, walking and general exercise. There is no GPS , but will be relying on the motion sensor to track metrics like distance and pace.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4: Smartwatch features

The Mi band 4 is a fitness tracker , but the powers of Mi band have improved with every new process. It is compatible with iOS above 9.0 and android smartphones running 4.4 or above.

It also dishes out notifications from your phone including messages, incoming calls , calender notifications and app notification. Now you can also be able to view weather forecast, get notification about upcoming events .

Xiaomi Mi Band 4: Price and battery life

The battery life has jumped in size from 110mah to 135mah. The company says this will lead to a 20 day battery life similar to the its previous two generations .

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