Does unwanted calls trouble you? Here is your guide to get rid of them.

Does unwanted calls trouble you? Here is your guide to get rid of them.
Your phone too needs a point of privacy and you can help it have, by blocking the unwanted attention or unwanted calls. Because it can be a need in order to shield yourself from the pain that "those uninvited and unpleasant calls" cause. Be it your ex-partner, scammers or telemarketers, you can help yourself and of course your phone by blocking those numbers.

So, here's a breakdown of how to block numbers across multiple device types and operators.

How to Block a Number
Before you seek to block numbers on your smartphone, you can look to impose a general ban by adding your number to the National Do Not Call Registry[1]. Run by the FTC, this registry is updated every 24-hours, while it can lead to the cessation of nuisance calls within a month. However if this is not what you would like to do, as it does not help in blocking private numbers.
We are bringing to you a manual way of blocking. Check them out.

There are various ways to block numbers on Apple’s iOS, whether you are responding directly with a call or browsing your contacts list. You should also note that, when blocking someone from sending texts, making a voice call or selecting FaceTime, the individual in question will automatically be banned from all three channels of communication.
When responding to a recent all, visit the ‘Phone’ app and select recent. Then locate the number and navigate through the circle next to it. This will bring up a screen with information pertaining to the call (see below), and you need to scroll down before selecting ‘Block this Caller’.
When blocking an existing contact, you need to navigate through Settings > Phone > Call Blocking & Identification > Block Contact. This will bring up a list of your contacts, enabling you to block one or even multiple numbers as you wish. You can also achieve this goal by clicking through Settings > Messages > Blocked > Add New.

When dealing with Android, the course of action that you take will depend on the age of the operating system that you are using (this is not the case with iPhones). So you will need to determine the precise iteration of Android that you are using before blocking numbers, as this will ensure that you make the right choice.
For Marshmallow or above, open Dialer and go to your recent calls list. Then find the offending number and select ‘Block / Report Spam’. You should not that you can block a number without reporting it as spam (when dealing with a person rather than a telemarketing company, for example), but you will need to uncheck the prior to confirming the block.
When using Lollipop or below, go to the Phone app and select Call Settings > Call Rejection > Auto Reject List. You then have to manually type in the number and search for it (make a note if it is unknown to you) and then confirm.
When using Messenger (across all Android operating systems), you will need to directly tap the number that sent you the original message, before selecting Block / Report Slam once again. The same principle applies here as before, so don’t forget to uncheck the box if don’t want to report spam.
Finally, if you wish to block a number belonging to an existing contact, go directly into Messenger and select Menu > Blocked Contacts > Add a Number. Then enter the number you want to block and confirm, taking care to ensure that you selected the right one of course!
Got you some apps too!
You can leave all the troubles to apps, they will surely do something good about it. Because today we have great apps that help in blocking those "disturbance causing" numbers.
Here are some of the best call blocking apps:
Truecaller (Both, Android and iOS): “Truecaller”, sets as one of the most widely used free call blocker apps with over 25 crore users. It helps in detecting caller ID, blocking spam calls and SMS, Google drive backup and more importantly, you can know when your friend is free to talk to you. With the help of Truecaller Pay-UPI payment method, safe and secure money transfers, easy bill payment and mobile recharge are made possible

Avast Call Blocker - Spam Blocking for iOS10 (iOS): Avast, with more than 100 million installations which stand as one of the best antivirus program and cleaning software is now a best call blocker app too. It acts as Antivirus engine, app blocker, power saver, junk cleaner, web shield, WiFi scanner and Speed test, Anti-theft, and Firewall. It helps in effective call blockage relating to fraud, spam, and scam without any ad disturbance.

The Hiya App (for iOS): Available to iOS 10 users, Hiya is the single most advanced phone spam protection engine in the mobile market. This not only intuitively detects and blocks robocalls and telemarketers, but it also highlights potential fraudsters who are seeking your personal data. It also provides a personalized block list, helping you to manage your contacts more seamlessly.

Sync. ME (for iOS) : Apple have clearly made a concerted effort to enhance its call blocking features in iOS 10, and the free app Sync. ME is a prominent example of this. It includes numerous features for blocking unwanted calls, including the identification of unknown numbers (which can prevent you from blocking numbers that may ultimately add value), alerts you to spam communications and adds caller photo’s to your social contacts on Twitter, Facebook and Google +.

The Safest Call Blocker (for Android): This is Android’s supported call blocker, and one that comes with a premium (paid) version that removes ads. It is quick to access and easy to use, while it also helps you to establish automated settings for blocking calls and managing contacts in real-time.

Mr. Number (for Android) : This is an initially free app that immediately offers 20 free caller look-ups, at which point every subsequent look-up is paid. It has a tool that automatically blocks spam messages, however, without the need for you to blacklist specific numbers. This can save time and help you to block numbers more seamlessly.
Call Blacklist (for Android) : Then we have Android’s Calls Blacklist, which will ban both voice calls and SMS messages from an offending call. The call blocking feature is fast and efficient, while it also allows you to select suspicious starting digits and intuitively block all related numbers going forward.

Call Blocker Free (Android): What other than an effective call blocker app without ads, is a blessing! Call blocker Free is now available for you with various message blocking and call blocking options that work in hang-up and airplane mode too. It allows you to access blacklist, whitelist and block spam calls with call reminder and notifications.

Master call blocker (Android)
Master call blocker helps you to get rid of robocalls, unknown calls, spam and anonymous callers. It maintains a separate phone number database in which call blocker checks the incoming call with it, identifies the category and then blocks it. It has various settings to block a single contact or a group of numbers from your blacklist.
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