5 Tips for maximizing battery life on your smartphone

5 Tips for maximizing battery life on your smartphone

Android phones have always been blamed for poor battery performance. However, many of the problems can be put to a stop by following simple tips. In this article, we will walk you through 5 such tips.

1. How hungry is your app?
It is important to understand the behavior of the apps you use. And to get a better understanding of what makes your battery tick, go to Settings> Battery. See how much your apps individually consume. Now, make a decision, do you really need them?

2.Charger testing Charger
If your battery drains out too quick, your charger might be at fault. So check whether your cable works with another phone, or conversely whether your phone works with another cable. If you find it faulty, get an original charger at once from a reputed shop.

3. Google Play Store plays Smart
Google Play Services is another service that consumes a lot of battery. Unfortunately, you can't stop it because it's a crucial Android feature which lets your apps communicate with each other on your phone. Still, you can bring it under control.

4.Shorten the Screen Timeout
It's a well-known fact that the display is one of the biggest sources of battery drain on an Android phone, so managing it is crucial to its longevity. The "screen-timeout" or "sleep" setting determines how long your display will stay awake for after it has been engaged with; if your screen remains on while you aren't looking at it, it's wasting precious battery life. Best to set it to the lowest value you are comfortable with in regular use, and only change it when you need to.

5. Background Apps, send them back
You might be under the impression that simple apps running in the background does no harm to the battery, let us tell you, they do. So Consider the frequency with which you want your widgets and background apps to update. You could potentially set your weather app to update every hour, but the more frequently it updates, the more power it requires. If you only check your weather twice per day, try setting the refresh interval to every 12 hours instead.

Now, get these tricks handy and make the most out of your smartphone.
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