Best Trending Bindis Available In India

Best Trending Bindis Available In India

Bindi is a bright color dot applied in the center of the forehead close to the eyebrows mostly used in the Indian Subcontinent. Bindi is associated with Ajna Chakra in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism. Bindi has a historical and cultural presence in the region of India. But nowadays, it is worn throughout the world, as a fashion statement also. Many international stars & celebrities also wear them.

Indian women wear a bindi, wear it because they have a cultural tie to it, or either they are married, or just to look even more beautiful.

Lets see the best bindi available on amazon!

Comet Busters Beautiful Pearl Bindi (BIN212)

T?oday, bindi is more of a fashion statement than anything else. Pearl bindi looks simple and classy when worn with any kind of attire. If you like experimenting with your outfits, these unique pearl bindis are the best option to quirk up your appearance. These type of bindis are very elegant and versatile.

Comet Busters Traditional Small Round Black Red Bindi (4 mm) (BIN244)

These small bindi look amazing and flattering on a bride and can be worn on any function, as long as they complement an attire. Just another version of stone bindis, these are circular with stones on the border. This one’s great to pep up your entire bridal look without increasing the size of the bindi. These round red black Bindi is best suitable for female who looks variety and different design in bindi.

Comet Busters Beautiful Black Bindi With Multicolor Stones (BIN286)

Wearing a bindi creates a fashion statement that resonates with women not only in India but even in the western world. Adding glam to the bindi world, here’s stone bindi design. They are utterly feminine and elegant. These skin friendly bindis are 100% handmade.

Comet Busters Black Designer Bindis (BIN024)

Bindis are popular outside the Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asia as well. These bindis are self-adhesive, re-usable and brightens up your whole look without doing much. When you are bored with the usual styles and want to jazz up your look, go for these beautifully designed black bindis made from PVC sheet which is skin friendly. These tiny dots uplift the entire look and is 100% handmade.

Comet Busters Black Designer Bindis (BIN021)

A bindi is such a small yet integral part of our Indian culture. For outfits that are in neutral shades, these black designer Bindis are a very good option. You can pair these bindis with Anarkali dresses, or Designer sarees. These reusable bindis are 100%handmade and skin friendly.

Comet Busters Designer Maroon Moon Bindi (BIN527)

These beautiful bindi in the shape of half moon can be worn by lady with any kind of face structure and help in highlighting the entire look. These bindis look extremely beautiful and make face look more attractive.

Comet Busters Beautiful Black Fancy Bindis (BIN064)

Bindis have become an extension of our day to day attire and no look can be completed without it. Vertical bindis are long bindis that look beautiful on girls with oval and round face. This bindi can be paired with both traditional and Western attire. The longer vertical line makes the face appear more balanced.

Comet Busters Beautiful Golden Bridal Bindi (BIN195)

This simple golden bindi can enhance the bride’s entire look by millions. They look lovely and mesmerizing with not just full glam bridal makeup but can be worn with light or no-makeup looks as well. These bindis look extremely beautiful and can be paired well with sarees.

Comet Busters Beautiful Fancy Black Bindis (BIN047)

A bindi is an auspicious mark worn by young girls and women in India and now it also become a popular trend outside the country. These Bindis are worn on the forehead and is having lots of significance and spiritual meaning. We bring to you black bindis, with different shapes and designs. These skin friendly bindis are simple yet very trendy and sophisticated.

Comet Busters Beautiful Multicolor Bindi (5 mm) (BIN265)

These bindis are available in various colours and can be paired with any kind of ethnic attire. Amidst the dazzle of heavy jewels, this simple bindi makes you look extremely beautiful. They complement the entire look and can be worn on any function.

Comet Busters Traditional Round Maroon Bindi (10 mm) (BIN299)

The bright red dot adorned on the forehead of a woman enhances her beauty and draws the attention of the onlookers towards her eyes. These bindi not just beautifies the face of a woman but it also has a deeper significance that adds on to the very essence of the Indian culture and are 100%handmade, reusable and skin friendly.

Comet Busters Beautiful Square Yellow Stone Bindi (4 mm) (BIN319)

These bindis are simple small stones that can be worn with both Indian and western attire. These bindis are usually worn by young girls who want to look fashionable and young at the same time. They look simple and elegant.

Comet Busters Indian Maroon Bindi (BIN215)

They are utterly feminine and elegant. It just enhances the look without clumsily jamming your face. This tiny fashion accessory continues to be in style as women experiment with its application and materials.

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