20 interesting things Google can do for you

20 interesting things Google can do for you

Google is more than a search engine and we can prove it to you by letting you know a list of interesting things google can do for you.

Make sure you try each one of them before bowing down to us.

Be your Alarm/Time Watch.

Yes. All these days you were thinking "where is my alarm clock". You can use the google search bar as a timer or an alarm clock, simply by entering the text "Set an alarm" in the box. Once you press Search, the Google search automatically sets up an online alarm for you. No kidding.

What's the weather today?

All you need to do is type "What's the weather today" in the google search bar, and google will tell you the weather forecast for the day using your current location. Now, you can step out with an umbrella, if there be chance.

Here's the time to Compare!

If you want to compare two items, let's say burger and pizza or donut and cake, you can and that too using google search bar. All you have to do is put in a "vs or v/s" between two items or products. Once done, google will throw a comparison chart for you.

In Dilemma, Google can help

Well, "flipping a coin" is quite something we do to decide. But digital money might have taken you away from carrying a coin. Now, google can help you decide. Just click on the mic icon and say "Flip a Coin". prepare your mind, here's the result.

No bushing around the bush now

Google lets you search for the exact phrase even if you don't have a clue. And a simple way to find the exact phrase, is by enclosing the phrase/ words in double quotes. This makes google throw up only those pages on which the entered words occur in the same order or pattern.

Have fun with Hyphen

When you enter a text in google search bar with a hyphen, you get a very specific result. For example- If you enter Paneer Tikka Recipe-Onion, google will only bring back those recipes as results which describe paneer tikka recipe without onion. Fun, right?

Two dots to dot upon!

When looking up Google for items in a certain price range, simply put two dots between the two prices. E.g. while looking for a laptop in the price range of Rs 30,000 to Rs. 80,000, enter the following text -Laptop Rs.30000..Rs.80000. It won’t show laptops under and above the mentioned prices.

On your search, Reverse!

If you one of those, who use only texts to search the internet, then you are utilizing only a fraction of google's capabilities. Now, try this. Import an image to google's search bar and it will flash you with similar images on the web. We call it a reverse image search.

Okay Google! Let's do it

Google search is no longer confined to "typing", now you can make all your wish fulfilled by saying "Okay Google" with your query or tap the mic icon and speak out your question!

What a site!

If you start your search on google using "site" followed by your search, the search results only from that website will be visible. Try for yourself.

Try them all

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